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Complex studies can be set up with Askia's software. However, this is at the expense of user-friendliness for users of the software as well as respondents. Crowdtech has a simple yet advanced Survey tool with respondent-friendly questionnaires containing the latest UX designs. Unlike Askia, Crowdtech's software is not limited to creating questionnaires, but can be used for both panels and communities.


The only all-in-one platform

Both quantitative and qualitative online research is available in the Crowdtech platform with extensive panel management. So you do not need multiple tools, with multiple logins and processor agreements. Everything is available in one environment via one login. Programming a questionnaire, managing a panel or conducting an online discussion has become simple and accessible to everyone.

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Branding and personalization

Being able to implement your own branding style is crucial for creating professional questionnaires. From these recognizable invitations and questionnaires respondents are more comfortable participating in your research thereby increasing the response rare. Crowdtech is distinctive within Survey research as we offer an in built layout editor. We are the only research technology that allows users to implement their own styles independently and quickly.


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Increase accessibility, quality and response through UX

Crowdtech uses the latest developments in UX (User Experience) and browser technology in our software development. We have found elegant solutions for table and scale questions that also display visually on mobile devices. Digital accessibility is very important for respondents with a disability. Our software meets WCAG guidelines for the visual impaired.
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Simple yet sophisticated

Crowdtech's technology, unlike Askia, contains advanced routing, links to external data or systems, quotas, randomization and more than 20 (visual) question types. In addition, the exchange with existing databases and tools is very simple, yet very extensive. External files can be integrated and additional information can be shared via urls and parameters.

Participating in research is easy for respondents and thanks to the fully responsive software adapts to any screen size and device.

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