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Five tips to make market research more fun

Five tips to make market research more fun

Market research can be challenging, particularly when it comes to finding respondents who take the questionnaires seriously. Additionally, the attention span of the younger generations is decreasing. Questionnaires are often designed with a desktop interface in mind, while most people nowadays use mobile devices.

It is important to make market research as enjoyable and accessible as possible to achieve a higher response rate and quality of answers. Fortunately, there are many ways to achieve this. In this article, we will share five tips that you can use in your own research.

1. Make the questionnaire interactive
Interactive questions are an excellent way to keep respondents engaged. As the attention span of young people is getting shorter, it’s crucial to make the questionnaire as interesting as possible. Interactive questions can take the form of quizzes or games, making the questionnaire more enjoyable which results in higher quality answers.

2. Use images and videos
Images and videos make the questionnaire visually appealing. The younger generation tends to be more visually oriented, so the use of images helps to maintain their attention. Adding sound can also make the questionnaire more interesting and improve the quality of the answers.

3. Keep the questionnaire short
It’s essential to keep the questionnaire as concise as possible. Surveys with too many questions can lead to less thoughtful answers and respondents dropping out before completing the questionnaire. Therefore, it’s important to keep the questionnaire short and to the point.

4. Give feedback
Giving respondents feedback on the results of the research is essential. This way, respondents know what happens with the results, and the market research becomes more meaningful. Feedback also contributes to improving the quality of future research.

5. Use relevant data
Using relevant data to invite respondents for market research is crucial. This way, invitations can be made more personal and relevant, which contributes to an increase in the response rate. Communicating with the target group can also ensure that the questionnaire is more tailored to their needs and interests.
Market research doesn’t have to be boring. By keeping the questionnaire short, making it interactive and using images and sounds, market research becomes more enjoyable for respondents. Finally, by providing feedback and using relevant data, market research becomes more meaningful, resulting in a higher response rate for future research.

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