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Wall of Inisghts

At Crowdtech, running communities is what we do. It’s the backbone of our business, and we constantly strive to improve the experience for respondents and clients alike.

From a client’s perspective, naturally the community is of vital importance, as it is the source of the research gathered in a project. However, traditionally these respondent platforms were not used to a great extent by clients.

Enhancing clients’ online platform experience
Crowdtech’s clients hail from a wide range of industries and designations. From finance to beverages to automobile companies (to name but a few), our users include researchers, agencies, technical teams and top management.

Our online communities deliver optimally to our respondents, but, always keen to see how we could improve our offering, we wanted to consider what could be done to increase the usability of our online platforms for our clients.

Our solution: A Wall of Insights.

Accessible yet comprehensive project summaries
Visible to any client but not to respondents of a group, the Wall of Insights provides an attractive, accessible summary of either an activity or a whole project.

Once an activity is completed, the project researcher generates content to populate the Wall. It is displayed in bite-sized, easy-to-read segments, highlighting the key findings of the activity.

The Wall of Insights includes a number of elements, each contributing to the overall executive summary:

  • The statistics and demographics of the community’s participants, displayed in graph and data format
  • Reminders of the active (and inactive) themes in the community, detailing the questions that respondents were asked
  • A preliminary conclusion or hypothesis for each theme, based on what the researcher has seen thus far
  • Demographic graphs and relevant, interesting verbatim quotes pertaining to each theme
  • Where applicable, photos as well as text responses, to bring a theme to life
  • The name and contact details of the researcher/ moderator are also provided in case of any queries

Key take-outs, delivered quickly
The project manager on the activity or project populates the Wall of Insights immediately after an activity is completed, ensuring that the content is optimally chosen to best represent the findings, prior to analysis.

Of course, more detailed analysis than this will be necessary to complete the project, but the Wall provides a fast turnaround of the most relevant take-outs from each activity, displayed in an easily digestible manner.

Accessible insights for all levels of client
We believe that this enhancement to our offering will make the community platform more accessible to clients. From top management to junior researcher, we are confident that a single screen top-line summary of each completed activity, will add value to the research process.

Visit your project’s platform now to see the Wall of Insights for yourself! As always, our technical team is on hand to offer help, should you require it.


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