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At Crowdtech we love nothing more than to develop a long-term working relationship with our clients, and to witness their panel journey develop over time. RCI Financial Services  is a client with whom we have built an ongoing engagement of which we are proud. Providing specialist financial services for Renault, Nissan, Dacia and Alpine, RCI Financial Services facilitates for individuals or businesses to buy, hire or lease new and used vehicles. So where does their relationship with Crowdtech fit in? An exploration of customer satisfaction For the past two years, RCI Financial Services has partnered with Crowdtech to run an ongoing set of customer satisfaction surveys. Harnessing their extensive database of over 4,000 users, RCI Financial Services runs a new survey approximately once a month, each time exploring a different element of what makes their customers happy, and how they can continue to improve their service to them. Clearly they’re on the right track when it comes to keeping customers happy: Using only a prize draw, the panels achieve approximately a 25% engagement response – a very high rate for an ongoing panel. This speaks to the fact that customers feel a sense of resonance with the brand and choose to share their opinions about the business, without needing great incentivization to do so. Symbiotic growth for both parties The development of Crowdtech’s working relationship with RCI Financial Services has been the picture of a symbiotic engagement. Initially Crowdtech managed the entire panel process, from questionnaire design to technical panel operations to analysis and output. As the two companies have worked hand-in-hand, RCI Financial Services has taken on more of the project design work, utilising Crowdtech’s operational expertise to maintain smooth panel management. This embodies what we term our Hybrid SaaS model, a model which successfully straddles the provision of a technical platform with human guidance and interaction where required. At Crowdtech, our human resource comes in the form of project managers, technical support and for a full suite of market research capabilities, we also harness the input of our sister company MWM2. Crowdtech’s training upskills staff An important element of what Crowdtech offers our clients is ongoing training and upskilling on our platforms. RCI Financial Services is a client that has made the most of this opportunity. Accessing all the ready training and help that has been available to them, RCI Financial Services has successfully upskilled its customer satisfaction team on how to get the best value out of the Crowdtech platform. Being involved in project design - all the way from questionnaire stage to output analysis - significantly improves the outcome of the survey for clients. Having input at all stages of the project means that the results are well aligned with the initial question or hypothesis that they are wishing to explore. Leaning on Crowdtech to effectively manage the panel or community process is the ideal way for both parties to achieve a mutually optimum result. A relationship that continues to flourish From surveys about their new website, to exploring perceptions of electronic vehicles, to understanding how Covid-19 has impacted on people’s finances, RCI Financial Services has conducted a vast array of research via Crowtech’s panel services over the past two years. We at Crowdtech look forward to growing this relationship with RCI Financial Services, as they continue to find ways of keeping their customers engaged and happy.

Why leading companies have chosen crowdtech

Coca Cola, Nestle, ABN AMRO, Tata Steel, they have all chosen Crowdtech as their research technology supplier. Why? We’ll give you seven reasons. It has it allCrowdtech’s All-In-One Research Solution has it all. Crowdtech offers both traditional surveys as well as the potential to integrate quant and qual to launch your own research community: a modern and very effective market research technique. Easy to useThere is no requirement for a three day training course when you start with the Crowdtech’s All-in-One Research Solution. Our Research Solution is a hosted service with intuitive user experience and is easy to use. Excellent supportShould you come unstuck : we are there for you. Our excellent support department is not only available online but also by phone. Our dedicated and friendly support members will guide you through any problem you may encounter. Quick and good insights in resultsCrowdtech Dashboard can be used to display the results in an online dashboard. You can circulate results/KPI's to different departments and levels within your organisation and can be accessed through all devices. Superb information securityYour data is in safe hands at Crowdtech. Our technical and organizational infrastructure is subjected to strict (ISO) annual audits and privacy aspects are embedded in every step of our software development. Continuous improvements and innovationWe continuously listen to and learn from our many clients, so not a month goes without our development team finding a new way to enhance our all-in-one research solution making it better for both the researcher and the respondents. Proven track recordCrowdtech has over 15 years of experience in developing innovative technology and services for Market research. From our launch in 2003 focusing on the Dutch market we now have hundreds of organizations using Crowdtech’s research software Through our International focus

Introducing our international project manager

While SaaS platforms have certainly revolutionised the way that business is conducted, their greatest downfall is that users are often left to fend for themselves after they have signed up to the service in question. Crowdtech’s proactive solution to this has been to create a Hybrid SaaS model which provides human support to users, while simultaneously allowing them the freedom to operate our platform independently. Ready to lend a helping handTo this end we assign project managers to all our clients and jobs, who provide a human interface between our clients and our technology. Kirsten den Elzen, International Project Manager and Technical Consultant, plays this role. Managing many of our international projects and clients, den Elzen is the link between the technical development team, our clients and our surveys, panel and communities.  ‘In the past, clients used to outsource entire market research projects to agencies’, explains den Elzen. ‘Then SaaS systems started making it possible for them to conduct some of the technical side of research on their own. But people are still finding that they need a little help here or there - and that’s where I come in. They like to have a technical team that they can contact… we’re here for our clients and always ready to help.’ One role: Many tasksDen Elzen’s job is multi-faceted, spanning client training, technical support, project management and developer liaison. On the client training side, den Elzen carries out multiple Client training sessions. In terms of technical support, she oversees the Client helpdesk. Project management encompasses all the details of preparing projects for launch, while developer liaison involves a ‘translation’ of sorts between this team and clients. “One of my roles is to liaise with the client regarding their project requirements’, she explains. ‘I then feed their needs back to the internal team. I engage with our developers to understand exactly what is possible from a technical perspective. Sometimes what seems like a tiny change on the front end of the platform, will require a massive upheaval behind the scenes. In such cases we need to assess how best to fulfil client wishes in a way that makes the most logistical sense.’ Different clients, different requirementsDifferent clients require different solutions. At Crowdtech we work with three types of clients: On the one extreme are those who choose to run their panels or communities entirely on their own, and on the other side are those who require a full-service model. For this, we bring in our sister company of researchers and analysts, MWM2. However, the majority of our clients sit within the Hybrid SaaS space, meaning that they run their own panels and communities with varying degrees of requirements for help from our team. Meeting clients where they are‘I try to meet each client where they are,’ explains den Elzen. ‘I am in constant contact with them and try to have a really thorough understanding of each client’s diverse needs. Of course, I’m not the product owner so I need to liaise with our dev team about each requirement. But where possible I do what I can to try to make them happen!’ Den Elzen describes how varied her client requests can be. For example, when it comes to the look-and-feel of a panel or community, she liaises with a full range of clients – from those who engage their marketing teams and get extremely involved in the design of each community element, to those who prefer to outsource this entirely to Crowdtech. Working with mostly market researchers and marketers, Crowdtech’s international client liaison spans an array of countries and cultures. It also spans industries, including a range of commercial sectors and also some non-commercial ones, such as higher education institutes. True agilityAgility has of course become a popular topic in business, which has been heightened since the advent of Covid-19. Den Elzen confirms that, at Crowdtech, the company’s agility is more than simply lip-service: ‘Crowdtech is constantly evolving. It doesn’t claim to be an agile company: it actually is one. If we need to change something, I have the autonomy to do exactly that. To me, this is true agility.’ ‘I love my job’, concludes den Elzen enthusiastically. ‘I love my clients too – as varied and diverse as they might be. I always look forward to what my next project and challenge might hold.’ To speak to Kirsten den Elzen or find out more about our international offerings and project management, please do get in touch.