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A symbiotic partnership

A symbiotic partnership

At Crowdtech we love nothing more than to develop a long-term working relationship with our clients, and to witness their panel journey develop over time. RCI Financial Services  is a client with whom we have built an ongoing engagement of which we are proud.

Providing specialist financial services for Renault, Nissan, Dacia and Alpine, RCI Financial Services facilitates for individuals or businesses to buy, hire or lease new and used vehicles.

So where does their relationship with Crowdtech fit in?

An exploration of customer satisfaction

For the past two years, RCI Financial Services has partnered with Crowdtech to run an ongoing set of customer satisfaction surveys. Harnessing their extensive database of over 4,000 users, RCI Financial Services runs a new survey approximately once a month, each time exploring a different element of what makes their customers happy, and how they can continue to improve their service to them.

Clearly they’re on the right track when it comes to keeping customers happy: Using only a prize draw, the panels achieve approximately a 25% engagement response – a very high rate for an ongoing panel. This speaks to the fact that customers feel a sense of resonance with the brand and choose to share their opinions about the business, without needing great incentivization to do so.

Symbiotic growth for both parties

The development of Crowdtech’s working relationship with RCI Financial Services has been the picture of a symbiotic engagement. Initially Crowdtech managed the entire panel process, from questionnaire design to technical panel operations to analysis and output. As the two companies have worked hand-in-hand, RCI Financial Services has taken on more of the project design work, utilising Crowdtech’s operational expertise to maintain smooth panel management.

This embodies what we term our Hybrid SaaS model, a model which successfully straddles the provision of a technical platform with human guidance and interaction where required. At Crowdtech, our human resource comes in the form of project managers, technical support and for a full suite of market research capabilities, we also harness the input of our sister company MWM2.

Crowdtech’s training upskills staff

An important element of what Crowdtech offers our clients is ongoing training and upskilling on our platforms. RCI Financial Services is a client that has made the most of this opportunity. Accessing all the ready training and help that has been available to them, RCI Financial Services has successfully upskilled its customer satisfaction team on how to get the best value out of the Crowdtech platform.

Being involved in project design - all the way from questionnaire stage to output analysis - significantly improves the outcome of the survey for clients. Having input at all stages of the project means that the results are well aligned with the initial question or hypothesis that they are wishing to explore. Leaning on Crowdtech to effectively manage the panel or community process is the ideal way for both parties to achieve a mutually optimum result.

A relationship that continues to flourish

From surveys about their new website, to exploring perceptions of electronic vehicles, to understanding how Covid-19 has impacted on people’s finances, RCI Financial Services has conducted a vast array of research via Crowtech’s panel services over the past two years.

We at Crowdtech look forward to growing this relationship with RCI Financial Services, as they continue to find ways of keeping their customers engaged and happy.

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