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Interview with Humanitas: Putting People at the Center. Uncovering the Story Behind the Data!

Measure, Understand, and Improve!Humanitas is a nationwide volunteer organization that focuses on supporting individuals in vulnerable situations. In addition to providing temporary practical assistance and emotional support, Humanitas also places great value on evaluating the effectiveness of their programs. Instead of relying on external researchers, Humanitas has chosen to utilize Crowdtech, a platform that enables them to conduct independent market research. To measure the impact of their programs, Humanitas has developed an evaluation method that is distributed to participants after the program concludes. Through a structured questionnaire, participants are asked about their experiences with volunteering or their interactions with their assigned mentor, their introduction to the organization, and the program's effects on their lives. With the help of the Crowdtech platform, Humanitas efficiently distributes this questionnaire and easily analyzes the results. Collecting this information from all participants each year is crucial for Humanitas as it helps them determine which programs are effective and which ones are not. This analysis allows them to identify areas of success and areas that require improvement. What's interesting is that Humanitas operates across 78 branches, which enables them to compare their performance to national figures. This comparison is facilitated through a dashboard developed using Power BI. In addition to comparing their own data to national statistics, Humanitas also utilizes the collected data for communication purposes. For example, in Amsterdam, they create infographics that are shared with the municipality to demonstrate the positive impact of the organization's support as reported by participants. It is important for Humanitas to not only use this data externally but also internally for learning and improvement. If there are any indications of issues within a particular program, they actively encourage the local board to address the feedback, such as by making adjustments to the activities. The Greatest Lessons in DIY ResearchHumanitas has learned valuable lessons in the field of DIY research. The first lesson is the importance of going beyond asking for numbers alone. It is essential to delve deeper and understand the origins of these figures. By asking the right questions, valuable information can be obtained that can lead to insights and improvements. This is particularly important because Humanitas focuses on human-to-human contact rather than solely relying on numbers and graphs. Another important lesson is the need to not only collect data and understand what is happening but also to know what to do with that information and take concrete action. It is crucial to go through the cycle of measuring, understanding, and taking action, continuously striving for improvement. While measurement is indeed important for gaining insight, it is not sufficient to bring about the desired change. The art lies in gathering the right information, interpreting it, and translating it into actionable steps that lead to improvement. A third lesson is the importance of not only collecting data but also returning it to the respondents. This allows them to see what they can do with the information and draw lessons from it. It contributes to empowering the respondents and strengthens the relationship between Humanitas and the people they support. Lastly, it is important to emphasize that DIY research is not only valuable for its results but also for the process itself. The process of collecting data and interpreting it provides an opportunity for learning and reflection. This can lead to improvement and growth, not only for the organization but also for those involved in the research. In conclusion, Humanitas has learned valuable lessons in DIY research that are applicable to any nonprofit organization. It is important to go beyond mere number inquiries, to delve into the story behind the data, to take action, to provide feedback to respondents, and to learn and reflect on the process itself. By applying these lessons, valuable information can be gathered, leading to improvements in supporting people in vulnerable situations. What to Consider in DIY Research? • Go beyond the statistics. Ask follow-up questions and provide context!• Take action by using the right insights to support your decisions.• Provide feedback and strengthen your relationship with your audience.• Make research an integral part of your organization, promoting growth at all levels. Why Humanitas chose CrowdtechBy partnering with Crowdtech, Humanitas has found a reliable solution that meets their requirements and needs. It's not just the platform's technical expertise and user-friendly interface that make an impression, but also the commitment of the Crowdtech team to providing solutions and support. The partnership between Crowdtech and Humanitas exemplifies the harmonious integration of technology and social engagement to drive positive change. Crowdtech's commitment to tailored solutions and exceptional customer service makes it easy for organizations like Humanitas to trust the platform. For instance, Humanitas received comprehensive training at the outset, enabling them to independently create questionnaires efficiently. With Crowdtech's outstanding support, Humanitas can confidently focus on enhancing their programs and services without worrying about the technical aspects of the collaboration. Crowdtech's technical proficiency played a significant role in Humanitas' decision to choose the platform. The seamless integration with other systems simplifies the data collection and analysis process. Furthermore, Crowdtech's intuitive design empowers Humanitas to have full control over the platform, allowing them to customize their research to suit their specific needs. Data Security is of Great Importance to Humanitas and CrowdtechBoth Humanitas and Crowdtech share a common core value: a strong commitment to privacy and data security. This shared value is the primary reason why Humanitas chose to partner with Crowdtech. Humanitas strives to create a secure environment for its participants. They minimize data collection and store it exclusively within their own system. When deriving insights from research, they always use anonymized data. Crowdtech provides the ability to anonymize participant data. They have also established a Data Processing Agreement (DPA) to ensure the privacy of participants. Additionally, Crowdtech is ISO 27001 certified, demonstrating compliance with international standards for information security. Crucially, it was essential to Humanitas that the data remains within the Netherlands and does not cross national borders. Crowdtech hosts its servers in Amsterdam, which was the decisive factor for Humanitas in selecting Crowdtech. About HumanitasHumanitas is a volunteer organization that operates in 78 branches throughout the Netherlands. The organization connects volunteers with participants to provide support on various topics, such as loneliness and home administration. The fundamental principle is to empower participants to maintain their autonomy, with the support serving as a means of assistance without taking over control.

Building Trust among Respondents: The Role of Data Security and Privacy

Trust is essential for successful market research. If respondents lack trust in the organization conducting the research, it can result in unreliable data, inaccurate conclusions, or even lower response rates. Ensuring data security and privacy is crucial for reassuring respondents and obtaining accurate feedback. At Crowdtech Insight, we prioritize data security and privacy for both consumers and organizations. Why Trust is a Key to Success in Market ResearchEstablishing trust among respondents is vital for the success of market research. When respondents have trust in the conducting organization, they are more likely to provide comprehensive and accurate answers to the questions posed. This, in turn, leads to reliable data and accurate conclusions. Conversely, a lack of trust may result in respondents refusing to participate in future surveys, thereby limiting the ability to gather essential information.Therefore, it is crucial to build trust among respondents. This can be achieved by maintaining transparency regarding the research objectives and the utilization of collected data. Informing respondents that their personal information will be securely stored and not shared with third parties without their consent is equally important. Implementing advanced security technologies to protect data contributes significantly to fostering trust among respondents. Ensuring Data Security and Privacy: Building TrustEnsuring data security and privacy contributes to building trust among respondents. When respondents feel that their data is secure and protected, they are more likely to participate in the research. This not only increases response rates but also enhances the reliability of the provided information. When respondents feel secure, they are more inclined to provide accurate answers, which is valuable for the research outcomes. To guarantee data security and privacy, it is essential to adhere to strict rules and guidelines for data protection. As a researcher, you can take several measures, such as: • Obtaining informed consent: Ensure that respondents are clearly informed about the research purpose and how their data will be used. Always request consent before collecting any data.• Anonymity: Safeguard data by utilizing anonymity measures. For example, replace actual respondent names with codes.• Secure data storage: Implement secure data storage methods, including password protection, encryption, and the use of secure servers.• Limited data access: Restrict data access to individuals who require it for conducting the research.• Data destruction: Dispose of the data once the research is completed or after the legally mandated retention period. Benefits of Crowdtech as Reliable Market Research TechnologyOrganizations often have access to sensitive customer and consumer information, making it crucial to securely store and protect this data. To distinguish themselves in terms of data security and privacy, companies need to maintain transparency with respondents and invest in advanced technologies and tools for data security and privacy. At Crowdtech Insights, we place a strong emphasis on safety and privacy. As a user, you can be assured that we adhere to the GDPR regulations and other applicable laws. To ensure data security and privacy, Crowdtech implements various measures, including:1. Security team overseeing data and system security: Our security team monitors the systems 24/7 and conducts regular tests to identify and address vulnerabilities.2. Use of encryption and anonymization technologies: We employ encryption during data transmission and storage, as well as anonymization techniques for sensitive information like names and addresses.3. Certifications: We have obtained certifications in information security, such as ISO 27001 and ISO 27701.4. Security officer and data protection officer: Our dedicated security officer and data protection officer work diligently to safeguard our technology and data, strictly adhering to applicable laws and regulations.5. Hosted servers in EU: Crowdtech utilizes its own servers located in a secure data center in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. This allows us to maintain complete control over system security and ensures optimal protection of customer and respondent data.6. GDPR and AVG compliance: We fully comply with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in the United States. This means we are obligated to protect the privacy rights of our customers and respondents by securely and responsibly collecting, processing, and storing their data.7. Privacy policy: We have established a comprehensive privacy policy that outlines how we collect, process, and store customer and respondent data. The policy also includes information about the rights of our customers and respondents regarding their data.

4 tips: What to consider when choosing a DIY market research tool?

A DIY market research platform allows organizations to conduct research independently, empowering them to collect and analyze data that contributes to a better understanding of consumers. Crowdtech Insights is the ideal platform for conducting independent market research. It provides organizations with the flexibility to engage with consumers at any time, without requiring technical expertise.Choosing a DIY market research platform is a cost-effective solution that gives you control over the entire research process and allows you to initiate studies whenever you need. It enables you to explore any areas of interest and satisfy your curiosity about consumer behavior. 1. How can you ensure that the platform aligns with the specific needs of your organization?Choosing the right DIY market research tool that meets your organization's specific needs is crucial. Selecting the wrong tool can result in wasted time, money, and resources. Below are some important points to consider when selecting a tool that fits your requirements. Decide on the research method that suits your question: When choosing a DIY market research tool, it's helpful to determine the type of research you wish to conduct and whether the tool supports that research method. It may also be necessary to combine multiple methods, including both qualitative and quantitative research, to obtain a comprehensive understanding. It's important to assess whether the tool provides sufficient capabilities for the type of research you plan to conduct. Consider integration possibilities: Does the tool integrate well with your company's existing IT landscape? Can it be seamlessly integrated with other tools and systems already in use? This is important to avoid duplication of work and enhance user-friendliness. Evaluate the tool's functionalities: Which functionalities are essential for your research? Consider features such as the ability to incorporate video or audio clips, integrate with social media platforms, or send personalized emails. Ensure that the tool offers the necessary functionalities you require. 2. What functionalities are essential in a DIY market research tool?One of the most important functionalities is that the DIY market research tool is flexible and easily adaptable to different research questions and needs. Additionally, it is desirable for the tool to be user-friendly with an intuitive interface, enabling users to navigate through the research process quickly and easily. The ability to select the right target audience is crucial as research cannot be conducted without respondents. This functionality allows for filtering respondents based on demographic data, interests, or behavior. By doing so, you ensure that you only invite respondents who are relevant to your research. However, there are many other essential functionalities in a DIY research tool. For instance, the capability to incorporate video or audio clips into your research can be helpful in eliciting specific responses from respondents. Integration with social media can also aid in reaching a wider audience and increasing response rates. Lastly, it is important for the DIY research tool to offer comprehensive analysis and reporting capabilities. This allows for easy analysis and interpretation of the collected data, enabling you to derive valuable insights and make informed decisions based on the results. In summary, a good DIY research tool provides a wide range of functionalities that enable efficient and effective data collection. Prioritize the functionalities that are essential to your research and choose a DIY research tool that aligns best with those needs. If you need assistance, feel free to consult one of our Product Specialists who can provide information on the available features commonly used by similar organizations. 3. What are the benefits of a DIY market research tool compared to traditional market research?Conducting research independently using a DIY market research tool offers several advantages, including:Flexibility: A DIY market research tool provides greater flexibility in designing and conducting research. You have the freedom to formulate your own research questions, select respondents, and choose the research method that best suits your needs.Continuity: It allows for conducting research at any time, providing the opportunity for multiple iterations. You are not dependent on the schedule of an external research agency and can repeat the research whenever desired.Direct access to your target audience: It also enables direct interaction with your target audience, fostering increased engagement and interaction. By listening to your consumers or members directly, your audience feels more heard, leading to enhanced interaction, trust, and customer loyalty. 4. What about security and privacy?Data privacy and security are crucial aspects to consider when selecting a DIY market research platform. It is important to ensure that the tool meets the required standards for data privacy and security. This includes compliance with GDPR regulations and other relevant laws and regulations in this field. A reliable DIY market research platform should have features such as data encryption, secure servers, and access control mechanisms to protect customer data. It is also important for the tool to have clear guidelines for managing personal information and ensure that customer data is not shared with third parties without explicit consent. What kind of support does Crowdtech provide to its DIY customers?Even with a user-friendly software like Crowdtech, there may be questions that arise. Our dedicated in-house Helpdesk professionals are available on weekdays to provide personalized assistance. They offer support through email, phone, and chat. Additionally, Crowdtech offers free training sessions and workshops that focus on the basic functionalities of the tool, suitable for users who are new to it. How does Crowdtech Insights function as a DIY market research tool?Crowdtech Insights is specifically designed to enable users to conduct their own market research. The tool provides various functionalities that empower users to control the research process and collect and analyze their own data.Crowdtech Insights offers a comprehensive package of products and services for organizations to conduct different types of research. It serves as an all-in-one solution, with all research projects housed on a centralized platform.Users can invite their target audience for both quantitative and qualitative research purposes, gaining insights into areas such as customer satisfaction and product development. Essentially, any area of interest can be explored using the Crowdtech Insights platform. What are the different products offered by Crowdtech Insights and what benefits do they provide?Crowdtech Insights offers a range of products that cater to quantitative, qualitative, or mixed-method research. This makes Crowdtech a comprehensive all-in-one solution for various needs. The different products provided by Crowdtech are: Survey: Crowdtech's survey technology enables the creation of mobile-friendly and visually appealing online surveys for short-term quantitative research. The advantage is that these user-friendly surveys result in high response rates and a positive respondent experience.Research Panel: The Research Panel allows for long-term quantitative market research engagement with your target audience. By establishing your own panel, you gather valuable insights on an ongoing basis. The advantage is that you have access to trusted customers, ensuring you engage with the right respondents. Crowdtech assists in developing a strategy for recruiting the appropriate respondents who genuinely want to contribute to your improvement.Pop-Up Community: A Pop-Up community facilitates short-term qualitative research. You can utilize existing customers or externally selected respondents for this research. One benefit is the quick turnaround time, as you can go live within a day, generating prompt responses. Additionally, the answers are visible to all participants, encouraging interactive discussions and generating valuable insights.Research Community: With a Research Community, you can conduct long-term qualitative research, collaborating with your customers for continuous improvement. The advantage is maintaining ongoing contact with your target audience and actively participating in the conversation. This fosters higher engagement and investment in a strong community.Insight Community: An Insight Community allows for both short-term and long-term, qualitative and quantitative research. The benefit is that it serves as a comprehensive solution for any research question. There are situations where combining qualitative and quantitative methods is necessary to obtain a complete understanding, and the Insight Community provides the solution for such scenarios.

Do-It-Yourself: How Independent Market Research Boosts Customer Satisfaction

Crowdtech provides the opportunity to conduct market research independently using the user-friendly platform, Crowdtech Insights. With this advanced platform, you can explore a wide range of topics, including one of the most crucial key performance indicators (KPIs) for measuring your organization's success: customer satisfaction. The effort invested in acquiring new customers or members is wasted if customer satisfaction is low. Therefore, monitoring customer satisfaction is essential for making adjustments in service, product offerings, pricing, and more. By conducting independent research on customer satisfaction, you can quickly gain insights into what customers or members value and how to better serve them. Understanding customer satisfaction and the underlying feedback is the driving force behind your success. The Significance of Customer Satisfaction ResearchResearch on customer satisfaction is crucial as it helps organizations gain a better understanding of and meet the needs of their customers or members. By prioritizing the customer, organizations can develop products and services that align with their desires and requirements. Customer satisfaction research is a valuable tool for developing strategies focused on customer retention and organizational growth. There are various methods for measuring different aspects of customer satisfaction. One example is the Customer Effort Score (CES), which assesses the effort customers or members need to exert when using a service or product. Another well-known method is the Net Promoter Score (NPS), which gauges the willingness of customers or members to recommend the organization to others. Independent research provides organizations with the flexibility to apply different methods to measure customer satisfaction. This enables a comprehensive and timely understanding of customer satisfaction, allowing targeted actions to increase satisfaction. The Benefits of Independent Market Research: Enhancing Customer SatisfactionConducting independent market research offers several advantages that contribute to higher customer satisfaction. It empowers you to determine what to research and how to conduct it, providing greater control over the research process. As a result, you can obtain results more quickly since you are not dependent on the scheduling and availability of an external market research agency. Modern researchers value speed and prefer to be in control. Furthermore, independent market research ensures continuity in gaining insights into consumer needs and desires. By conducting regular research, your organization continually acquires insights into the needs and desires of your customers or members, enabling strategic responsiveness. Another advantage of independent market research is that it enables organizations to directly engage with customers and members, fostering increased involvement and interaction between the organization and its target audience. For example, consider a Research Community where you can pose questions to your target audience at any time. Therefore, independent market research offers numerous benefits, including: • Achieving faster results• Increased control over the research process• Continuity in gaining insights• Direct access to your target audience Crowdtech Insights: The Platform for Independent Market ResearchCrowdtech serves as the platform for conducting independent market research, ensuring quality and keeping up with the latest trends. The latest advancements in independent research include automated reporting and data analysis, as well as integrations with other systems such as CRM and marketing automation tools. Crowdtech stays up to date by regularly updating and improving its software with advanced features and integrations. Crowdtech's software allows for seamless integration with other systems to connect customer feedback with other business data, providing organizations with a comprehensive view of customer satisfaction. Additionally, Crowdtech ensures research quality in data collection and interpretation through quality control and support, including result validation, verification, reliability assurance, and training and support services. Gathering customer data forms the foundation for understanding their needs, desires, and experiences. Integration with other systems and the quality of data collection are essential for ensuring the quality of the research, as the customer satisfaction strategy is based on the research results. If the data collection quality is low, the decisions based on it may not be effective. Crowdtech is committed to ensuring the quality of every research project. This means that anyone can make the right decisions to enhance customer satisfaction based on reliable data. Crowdtech's software is designed to be user-friendly and accessible to everyone, enabling them to conduct independent research without requiring specific skills or knowledge. With Crowdtech, you can be confident in the quality and reliability of your research, and stay up-to-date with the latest trends in independent market research!