Flexible research methods

Innovative technology

Reliable and secure data

Research 525,390 minutes available per year

Research 525,390 minutes available per year

Over the past 365 days, our clients' surveys have been available 99.96% of the time. This means that surveys taken over a whole year and carried out via Crowdtech were only unavailable for three and a half hours! However, the 210 minutes of 'downtime', as we call it in our professional jargon, always took place during the night, when virtually everyone was asleep.

Future reliability guaranteed

In order to guarantee that our clients’ research will always be available in the future, we recently migrated our research platform to new servers. These new servers have a much larger capacity and an even better performance. In addition, these new servers are easier to manage and the data on our platform is even more secure. Incidentally, Crowdtech users and respondents were not aware of this migration as this too took place during the night.

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