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Crowdtech successfully conducted a pilot with Conversational Survey

Crowdtech successfully conducted a pilot with Conversational Survey

Currently, Crowdtech is developing an innovation that enables conducting online surveys in a chat format. To test the effectiveness and usability of this innovation, our sister company, MWM2, was tasked with conducting a field test. The results of this test have been promising and provide valuable insights for further development.

What is Conversational Survey?
Conversational Survey allows you to conduct your questionnaire entirely in the form of a chat conversation. This is made possible by utilizing a Machine Learning algorithm. The algorithm can recognize which pre-programmed answer corresponds to the text typed by the respondent. In case of uncertainty, the system prompts the respondent to confirm their answer. As more respondents participate, the algorithm becomes more intelligent.

Key Highlights of the Field Test
MWM2 conducted an AB test with 630 respondents. Half of them filled out a traditional online survey, while the other half answered the same questions through the chatbot. Both groups were placed under the same conditions to ensure the comparability of the results. Crowdtech aimed to gather insights on various metrics, including the appreciation of the method, response length for open-ended questions, survey duration, and dropout rate.

Key Findings
Several findings were identified, with the most important ones being as follows:
1. There were no differences in response patterns between the traditional survey and the chatbot. This suggests that the data collection method does not impact the nature of the received information, although further research is needed to confirm this finding.
2. In terms of appreciation, the chatbot scored 8.1, while the traditional online survey scored 8.2 - indicating no significant difference. Interestingly, younger respondents (aged 18-34) rated the chatbot higher with a score of 8.3.


The results of this field test are promising and indicate a bright future for the implementation of conversational AI in market research. While further refinement and testing are required, it is clear that Crowdtech's chatbot holds great potential as a powerful tool for gathering valuable data and enhancing the survey experience for respondents.

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