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Create Your Own Style

Create Your Own Style

With our upgraded Survey technology, you can adjust the layout of your survey. Previously one of our support team had to create new layouts where now you can do this with just a few clicks.

  • Add a company logo
  • Customise the background color with RGB colour codes
  • Choose many different fonts
  • Add a favicon
  • Upload and edit background images
  • Customize button colors and progress bars
  • Add text to encourage respondents ‘e.g. only two more questions to go’

From this flexibility you can adapt your questionnaire to your look and feel giving your survey a fresher more recognizable look. Greater flexibility allows user to bring in new styles and approaches meaning that multi and repeat surveys can have a different look making engagement easier. We have also added in ‘encouragement’ so a ‘You’re almost there’ comment helps deliver a higher completion rate.

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