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How Crowdtech and Eagerly collaborate to enhance Crowdtech Survey's user experience

How Crowdtech and Eagerly collaborate to enhance Crowdtech Survey's user experience

Crowdtech prioritizes accessibility: making research accessible to and doable by everyone. We are constantly striving to improve the user experience of Crowdtech Insights. To this end, we've partnered with the UX agency Eagerly. Together, we've implemented a series of updates and improvements.

Communication updates: smooth guidance
Our updated interface now features improved prompts guiding you throughout the research process. These refined cues significantly enhance the ease of finding information and completing tasks. A major enhancement is the increased clarity achieved by consolidating all functions under a single category. This integration makes navigation within the platform more intuitive and user-friendly.

Question screen update: focused on your needs
The question screen, pivotal in every survey, has been optimized for enhanced visibility and user-friendliness. By eliminating hidden elements and introducing a more logical layout, we've made the interface more appealing and user-friendly. Users can now directly add and select their favorite question types, streamlining the question-creation process. The system also displays your most-used question types, and for inspiration, a selection of less-used ones.

Optimized ease of use for your research
The updates with Eagerly illustrate the synergy of great ideas and expertise. For instance, the improved buttons and settings enable more logical interactions. This consistency across the platform reduces the need to switch between screens, leading to a smoother research experience.

Experience the improvements for yourself
Curious about how these improvements translate in practice? Want to see how navigation within Crowdtech Insights is smoother than ever? Explore the new features and updates during a personal demo. Crowdtech is dedicated to ongoing innovation, aiming to optimize the user experience so you can focus entirely on your research. Have any feedback? We'd love to hear it - just use the feedback button in the tool!

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