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New Responsive Survey

New Responsive Survey

How do we ensure higher responses and better data quality for our clients? This was the challenge when we started the redesign of the Crowdtech Survey over six months ago. Our team of programmers, researchers, account managers and UX designers picked apart each element of the Survey platform. The result is a whole new and more attractive environment making it easier for respondents to complete your survey.

In today’s world the majority of respondents complete surveys on a mobile device, and this is especially true for a younger audience. Our mantra become ‘mobile first’. The designs, thinking and approach focused on making it work on mobile first. A larger font, larger buttons and all the standalone responsive elements ensure a seamless experience on mobile. Importantly, the mobile Survey matches the look and feel as the desktop view.

We have always prided ourselves on making surveys captivating and simple to complete and we have built upon our gamification principles to incorporate more layouts, colours, and flexibility to really guide respondents through the questionnaire.

For example, the matrix question has been shaped differently. The problem with the Matrix question is that a respondent often sees a long list of questions causing high dropouts and encouraging straight lining. In the new Survey solution respondents see one statement at a time and only upon completion does the next grid appear. Beta tests showed respondents are more motivated and conscientious delivering greater reliability.

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