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Survey tool for the visually impaired

Survey tool for the visually impaired

There were an estimated 253 million people with visual impairment worldwide. This number is much higher if you include elderly people and those suffering from poor vision. To engage this audience our new Survey is designed so this group can easily participate. In developing our upgraded Survey tool, we included these key ingredients:

  • Observability: We have ensured a minimal text size and used contrasting colors
  • Controllability: The user interface is also easy for the visually impaired to control. We have added a lot of visual cues, so it's clear which answer the respondent has chosen
  • Intelligibility: our new Survey is programmed so that the questions can also be read out by reading programs
  • Robust: Respondents can access the survey on different browsers
  • Finally, our Surveys can also be operated by a keyboard

Importantly this new feature adheres to the EU ‘WCAG’ (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) guidelines helping our Client compliance to these standards. WCAG is designed to better reach a wider audience with this greater accessibility so samples can be richer and a more roust and representative sample is achievable.

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