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New feature: WhatsApp invitations through profile variables

New feature: WhatsApp invitations through profile variables

Introducing the latest feature: WhatsApp invitations through profile variables. This addition in Crowdtech Survey is more than a convenient tool; it revolutionizes how you engage with your community. 

User benefits

This new feature offers multiple benefits for Crowdtech Survey users, including:

Direct and targeted communication: this functionality allows for more efficient and focused interaction with your community. It simplifies processes like directly inviting a specific group, to a WhatsApp group dedicated to local events.

Time saving: this feature eliminates the need for manual sorting and invitation, saving time and effort. This allows you to concentrate on what truly matters: building valuable connections within your community.

Impact on community communication

Beyond efficiency and user-friendliness, this feature significantly influences community engagement. Its speed and precision enable you to gather more focused insights, encouraging a more active community.

Reduced noise: Tailoring communications to specific community groups decreases the likelihood of sending irrelevant information. This approach minimizes distractions for members and focuses attention on messages that matter.

Focus on quality: With this targeted method, communication becomes not only more efficient but also more meaningful. You can delve deeper into conversations and discussions, knowing that the right participants are involved, enhancing the sense of engagement among community members.

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