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Executive summaries instantly

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Effective Panel Management

Enabling and improving research

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Community Engagement is a Two-way conversation

The Power of Communities

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Flexible Community Designs

Customise your look and feel

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New Community Platform

Crowdtech new launch

Computer community

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Introducing V2

Platform enhancements

Email data blauw

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Improved email tool

Easy use communication

Man met mobiel op grond

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UX Research findings

Dispelling myths of UX Research

Pareto principe

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Community or Access panel

The power of your consumers

Mensen met ideeen schematisch

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Why Communities?

The most versatile platform that exists

Love signaal

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Panel engagement

Passionate people are easy to engage


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Connecting teachers

Improving learner outcomes

Festival bezoeker mobiel

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Dialogue with dancers

Talking to a niche audience

ABN AMRO kantoor avond

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ABN Amro agile listening

Confidential and private


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Readers helping editors

A newspapers story