All questions are equal

When you send out a survey to field certain questions are of greater importance to you than others. Our new scoring module gives a weighting to those more vital questions meaning you can easily track vital KPI’s. Furthermore these scores can be instantaneously shared with respondents opening up an opportunity to share advice and recommendations with them.

How does it work?

The Crowdtech scoring module is a management tool assigning points or scores to respondents' answers. The scoring module calculates total scores by adding up the points giving the researcher insights and alerts on critical issues.

Where does it work?

Our Clients have used this scoring module in the following critical areas: - Employee satisfaction surveys: this is especially important as you allow employees anonymous and immediate feedback - Customer satisfaction surveys: receive alerts once key focus scores are low - Quality measurements / checks: check which priority conditions are met and which need improvement - Profile tests: map a profile of a respondent focusing on key areas - Large Survey's: immediately gain a better and more detailed picture of relevant themes

Automatic messages

Once the respondent has answered all the questions, the Scorecard automatically calculates the total score and gives you the opportunity to send the respondent a message.

This can be in the form of advice, or a response. You can set multiple automatic responses with varying scores so you can provide instantaneous and individual feedback, even if the survey is filled in anonymously.

Management information At the same time, the Crowdtech scoring module gives you the opportunity to easily segment and develop follow-up studies or follow-up questions. You can also set the system to automatically alert you if the score is higher or lower than your target.

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