Crowdtech launches in The Netherlands

As of July 1st 2018 Crowdtech technology has been officially introduced to the Netherlands with a separation of the Crowdtech technology from the MWM2 market research consultancy wing. With this global technology alignment, we will continue to serve our clients abroad and in the local market with better and higher quality research software. 

All-in-One Research Software 
Crowdtech was founded in 2013 by MWM2 as an international brand for high-quality, accessible and affordable research software. Crowdtech markets the All-In-One Research solution globally, enabling organisations to set up and monitor virtually any sphere of market research. "Because our developers work for both international and local Dutch clients, it is a logical step to include the Dutch technology division under the name Crowdtech," according to Managing Director Hemmo Vriend. 

More focus, even better service
The rebranding of MWM2's technology to the name Crowdtech is important to be able to focus more on the Crowdtech services.

"By disconnecting the technology from the consultancy, Crowdtech will be able to fully focus on the further development of our technology so MWM2 can fully focus on market research consultancy. Ultimately, this will enable us to serve our clients even better with high-quality products, consultancy and technology, all with the aim of strengthening organisations by helping them to listen to their customers, " explains Crowdtech.

We’d like to help you
In the coming months we will keep you informed of further innovations with regard to our Crowdtech technology. We’d like to help you so if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us on

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About Us

Crowdtech is an international technology company specialising in Research Communities and offers superior online research and information technology that is designed and developed in-house. Crowdtech is a fast-growing organisation and is gaining a strong international foothold with active presence in the United Kingdom, Germany, France and the Netherlands. Our young and ambitious team supports more than 300 clients.

Crowdtech is part of the MWM2 Group and was founded in 2012 to market the technology developed for and by our researchers. Since 2018 the technology of MWM2 has been consolidated into Crowdtech to further focus on the development and marketing of this solution.

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