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Improved email management tool

The intrinsic motivation and brand dedication of Insight Community members has proven to provide organisations with richer, more honest and complete information. Since Insight Community members have signed up for the panel to share their ideas and thoughts it is vital to ensure all communication is engaging and branded.  The members believe the client is talking to them, Crowdtech is the portal to make that happen.

Crowdtech Survey has now made it even easier to create and adjust emails. You are now able to create professional responsive emails according to the corporate identity of your organisation.


Two ways to create an email

There are two ways to create an email in Crowdtech Survey:

-          An email with an editor
-          An email with a source code

Email with editor
The first option is ideal for people who have no knowledge at all on how to edit an email template.

We have created a default text for you, which you can copy and paste. You can also easily adjust the background color of the template yourself, as it is just as simple to add a logo or header of your choice. The email will automatically receive a framework which will ensure that your email will be shown responsive in Outlook, Hotmail and Gmail. With the email with editor you can be sure that your email will always have a highly professional look and feel.

Email with source code
By using the email with source code (HTML) you’ll have even more options to send advanced emails. You can either write the source code yourself, copy it from an existing email, or you can choose to let Crowdtech to create it for you.

Creating, adjusting and testing your emails or email newsletter has never been so simple.

More information
If you like to receive more information, please do not hesitate to contact Graham Marshall via email:

Melvin bechan MWM2

Contact me:

Melvin Bechan


Crowdtech Survey is a user-friendly management environment allowing organisations to design and execute visual and interactive surveys, link external inputs, send emails and view results in a real time dashboard.

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Research Panel

Continuing, flexible and repeatable surveys opens the door to a wealth of knowledge.

Testing concepts, attitudes and opinions is simple with the versatility of our technology all delivered in an intuitive manner. Aligning with your customer databases and segments is simply supported by our panel management software.

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Research Community

The gold standard of Communities allowing a continuing blend of qual or quant techniques.

The most flexible and agile methodology, these can last anywhere from 6 months to multiple years. Totally branded and customisable to your requirements, you can conduct all your research in a cost-efficient manner.

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Crowdtech Community is the perfect environment to manage respondents, oversee all communication and recruitment, tracking co-operation and completion, and ensure you have the most suitable respondents.

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