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Introducing V2

Crowdtech believes that customer feedback is fundamental for any company and Insight communities are the perfect way to bridge this gap!

For several years Crowdtech has helped organisations to listen and interact with customers by using our all-in-one research solution. As we are always looking for better and more innovative techniques, we are proud to announce we are developing a completely new platform to meet the standards of tomorrow. Excitingly, this new platform will be operational this summer.

These are the main features that will be available:

More intuitive
Crowdtech is co-creating the platform with all our stakeholders, Client feedback has been a key element in our design.  New user experience techniques such as eye-tracking and card sorting are used for an optimal experience.

More integrated
The Crowdtech platform will be fully integrated with multiple sources such as external databases, CRM and Social Media and we are pleased to announce we are now integrated with Salesforce.

Time-saving options
The platform will continuously update participants data. Automatic invitations can triggered at preset times, from past research answers or previous activities from participants.

Completely styled in your own brand
The platform will be custom-made and adapted to the wishes of our clients. Furthermore, it will be responsive on all devices.

All the online qualitative research techniques
Co-creation, one-on-one chat, group discussions and more are techniques to gain customer feedback.

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Calvin Olland


Crowdtech Survey is a user-friendly management environment allowing organisations to design and execute visual and interactive surveys, link external inputs, send emails and view results in a real time dashboard.

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Research Panel

Continuing, flexible and repeatable surveys opens the door to a wealth of knowledge.

Testing concepts, attitudes and opinions is simple with the versatility of our technology all delivered in an intuitive manner. Aligning with your customer databases and segments is simply supported by our panel management software.

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Pop-Up Community

A perfect short-term setting for deep insights and unparalleled customer engagement.

Typically lasting 1 week up to 3 months and using either customer or externally recruited participants. Our integrated platform facilitates anything from singular campaigns, test one product/service, to short term diary studies.

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Research Community

The gold standard of Communities allowing a continuing blend of qual or quant techniques.

The most flexible and agile methodology, these can last anywhere from 6 months to multiple years. Totally branded and customisable to your requirements, you can conduct all your research in a cost-efficient manner.

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Crowdtech Community is the perfect environment to manage respondents, oversee all communication and recruitment, tracking co-operation and completion, and ensure you have the most suitable respondents.

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Crowdtech Dialogue is the perfect forum for deep engagement with consumers, enabling group conversations, co-creation, in depth one-on-one, chats and sharing media.

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Crowdtech Connect makes it possible to link Crowdtech's research platform to third-party systems, e.g. Salesforce, CRM systems or other customer databases.

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Crowdtech Dashboard can be used to display the results in an online dashboard. A Crowdtech dashboards allows you to circulate the most important results/KPIs to different departments and levels within your organisation across all devices.

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