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New rating question

Crowdtech strongly believes that in today’s fast paced world, survey research has to be short, sharp and visually engaging.  This is why we have introduced our latest responsive question type 'The Rating Question'.

Just as with review sites, respondents can rate your service, product or communication by giving stars through the Crowdtech Rating Question, making this even more attractive and easier for your respondents to participate.

Why the rating question?
Research is becoming more and more visual: no long texts and complex answers, but rather simple images and icons. The rating question fully supports this as respondents apply a tried and tested methodology they use on review sites. A ‘star rating’ easily indicates their satisfaction with a concept, service or product.

Visually appealing
The rating question is responsive and can be used on mobile, tablet and desktops. All points on the scale (a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 12) are displayed and can be adjusted in colour. You also have the opportunity to give a brief explanation of the rating question. For example, as soon as one or more stars are clicked, the interpretation is displayed letting respondents know that four stars means "good".

Future features
The rating question will be further developed, for example, as direct feedback in your e-mail and icons as a supplement to the ‘star’ rating.

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