Groep met mobieltjes

Live results on your phone

Get a full overview
In just a glimpse your will have an overview of your research results. You can make selections based on a specific question, answer or timeframe and the results will be displayed using graphics and diagrams.

You can use the results on your mobile phone to take immediate action. For instance when you see a disappointing response on your survey. It’s also possible to share the results of your research project with your colleagues.

Just as easy
Using your mobile phone to watch results is just as easy as using your pc or laptop as you can login with the same login and password. Just select the appropriate project and you will immediately receive a complete overview of the results.

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Crowdtech Survey is a user-friendly management environment allowing organisations to design and execute visual and interactive surveys, link external inputs, send emails and view results in a real time dashboard.

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Crowdtech Dashboard can be used to display the results in an online dashboard. A Crowdtech dashboards allows you to circulate the most important results/KPIs to different departments and levels within your organisation across all devices.

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