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Making surveys more fun

Whilst so many surveys are going fully mobile, let’s not forget about appealing and intuitive surveys on desktops and tablets. 

The new Crowdtech survey layouts offer a new and fresher look making surveys more fun for respondents to complete and we have noticed an increasing response rate from these designs. As well as the new styling looking more professional, we can implement any survey in your own corporate identity.

There are three types of layouts have been developed for desktop and tablets:

  • A 'full-screen layout': the progress bar is placed at the bottom of the screen
  • A 'background layout': the progress bar now moves with the question texts
  • An 'image upload layout': You can now upload you own header to the survey

Navigation through the questionnaire
Your respondent can navigate through the questionnaire by clicking on arrows in the progress bar or on 'back' and forward' texts, when scripting the questionnaire it is easy to select which option you prefer.

As with the mobile layouts, the desktop / tablet layouts have been visually improved on, among others, the following areas:


  • Distance between question and answer has been reduced
  • Distance between different questions has been reduced (with multiple questions on one page)
  • Radio buttons and checkboxes have been enlarged
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Crowdtech Survey is a user-friendly management environment allowing organisations to design and execute visual and interactive surveys, link external inputs, send emails and view results in a real time dashboard.

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Research Panel

Continuing, flexible and repeatable surveys opens the door to a wealth of knowledge.

Testing concepts, attitudes and opinions is simple with the versatility of our technology all delivered in an intuitive manner. Aligning with your customer databases and segments is simply supported by our panel management software.

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