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The Letter-test

It is of crucial importance that your message gets through to the receiver. Is the language used clear despite it is difficult to understand? Do people take the action one has wished for? Crowdtech developed the Letter-test to measure the effectiveness of a letter before sending it out. This means one can pre-test the effect of (postal) mailings through online technology. This would allow for optimizing processes and overall cost-effectiveness (not needing follow-ups, reminders etc).

The Letter-test focuses on sending our letters. This method can also be applied to other communication materials, such as: e-mails, brochures, flyers, leaflets, newsletters, ads.

Crowdtech Survey is used by selecting its Hotspot-question. Respondents can drag positive and/or negative icons to specific parts of the letter they like or dislike, understand or don’t understand. The survey automatically generates a heat map of dots. This will show you the effectiveness of a letter by the blink of an eye. Because of a description function within this question type, it is possible to take advice from respondents to optimalise the letter further.

It is easy to standardize this tool and build up an own benchmark. This kind of benchmark allows you to compare a letter to the same kind of letters (in the past).

Why use the Letter-test?
  • Improve the effectiveness of your letter
  • Achieve a higher conversion rate
  • Make your letter more action driven
  • Lose less clients because of ‘bad news’ letters
  • Save costs
  • Build up your own quality benchmark of all your letters
  • Collect the results within a week

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