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The power of a Research Community

Crowdtech is the number 1 supplier of innovative technology to start your own research community. A research community is one of the most effective methods to receive fast and valuable insights about your brand, communications and customer experience. On top of that, it’s a modern and respondent friendly way of doing market research.

In case you are not still convinced, we have asked a few of our clients and a respondent to tell you about the power of a research community:

“It’s a big advantage of a research community that we can also use it to get insights for quick decisions that have to be made. We cannot get those quick insights with traditional research methods and therefore our research community is very valuable to us.”
Ministry of Education & Culture

“I really like the community because I can easily respond to short and effective questions. And also because of the feedback I receive, when I have participated in a research project.”
Respondent – Anonymous on request

“Due to the quick and valuable insights we received in our research community, we were able to realize valuable service improvements. This is realy the power of a research community: it’s fast and you’ll get clear and valuable insights”.

“Our research community provides our customers a way to express their opinions and ideas. We see a daily benefit from the valuable feedback and great ideas of our respondents in our research community. The community allows us to start a dialogue with our customers and we receive comprehensive insights around their experiences and needs.”
Current client – Anonymous on request

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Pop-Up Community

A perfect short-term setting for deep insights and unparalleled customer engagement.

Typically lasting 1 week up to 3 months and using either customer or externally recruited participants. Our integrated platform facilitates anything from singular campaigns, test one product/service, to short term diary studies.

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Research Community

The gold standard of Communities allowing a continuing blend of qual or quant techniques.

The most flexible and agile methodology, these can last anywhere from 6 months to multiple years. Totally branded and customisable to your requirements, you can conduct all your research in a cost-efficient manner.

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