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Tips for moderation

Insight communities are the first step to thought leadership and business success. It’s why they enable long-term value. To stress the importance of a well-managed community, we are happy to provide you with some tips & tricks.

Be visible! As moderator you are a researcher, facilitator and an interpreter in one;

Be creative! Use fun and relatable research projects to maximize engagement;

Be open minded, improvise and be sure to recognize patterns;              

Make sure you listen carefully, recap, answer and follow up in your reply;

Be honest and share results to build a reciprocal relationship with your community.

Melvin bechan MWM2

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Melvin Bechan

Pop-Up Community

A perfect short-term setting for deep insights and unparalleled customer engagement.

Typically lasting 1 week up to 3 months and using either customer or externally recruited participants. Our integrated platform facilitates anything from singular campaigns, test one product/service, to short term diary studies.

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Research Community

The gold standard of Communities allowing a continuing blend of qual or quant techniques.

The most flexible and agile methodology, these can last anywhere from 6 months to multiple years. Totally branded and customisable to your requirements, you can conduct all your research in a cost-efficient manner.

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Crowdtech Dialogue is the perfect forum for deep engagement with consumers, enabling group conversations, co-creation, in depth one-on-one, chats and sharing media.

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