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UX Research findings

There are many myths and misunderstandings about User Experience Research. Crowdtech’s User Experience Specialist Manon van de Schilde dispels the most common ones:

1. Our website is developed by professionals. Therefore they effectively know all the do's and don't.
“Unfortunately this is not completely true because certain elements of a website might work for a general audience but not particularly for your specific demographic. Let’s take for instance the “hamburger menu”. It’s very common to use this and most web developers will recommend to use it. But a recent Crowdtech research project for a website of a Dutch University showed that their target audience didn’t recognize it all. Instead they were searching for the navigation menu”.

2. An attractive design will also provide the best User Experience.
“No, that’s also a common misunderstanding. Sure a good design helps, but design is not the holy grail for user experience. If the content doesn’t match the expectations of your customers and the navigation isn’t straightforward, it will definitely not work”.

3. UX Research is only useful at the development stage of my website.
“No, you should test your website at the earliest possible opportunity. Ideally when it’s still in the concept phase. It will prevent you from making (costly) mistakes and will be very time efficient. Since customer expectations rise over time, you should consider testing your website once every other year”.

4. UX-Research is expensive and will take a lot of time.
“No, that’s absolutely not true. Crowdtech can provide you with results in just one or two weeks’ time. We do not need a large research panel either. With just 4 up to 6 of your customers we are already able to give you useful insights”.

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