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Crowdtech is very proud to introduce our new Video Testing tool. To supplement our range of static imagery testing products we are introducing a new method of testing videos, assessing stimuli, and tracking messaging impact.

The main benefits are:

  • Simple click thumbs up or down evaluation for respondents
  • Every second counts: respondents can review sections or shots in a video
  • Opportunity for open ended comments
  • Simple analytics as an output in a visual and interactive dashboard
  • Analysis can be part of a quant survey or a qual project
  • Evaluate and re-evaluate videos on the same respondents


The video testing tool demonstrates real consumer insights, and benefits from sitting within Crowdtech range of tools and techniques to ensure you really listen to consumers. A number of the users of our technology use their own panel or community to invite respondents to the video tests.

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If you would like a demo, or to talk to us about your research projects please contact c.olland@crowdtech.com.

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