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Research & Results 2018

Crowdtech will be attending the 2018 Research-Results conference on the 24th and 25th of October in Munich.

Please join us at Stand 252-2 (next to Workshop Room 5) where we are exhibiting our new and enhanced Version 2 of Research Community. We look forward to seeing you all there.

Graham crowdtech

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Graham Marshall


Research Community

The gold standard of Communities allowing a continuing blend of qual or quant techniques.

The most flexible and agile methodology, these can last anywhere from 6 months to multiple years. Totally branded and customisable to your requirements, you can conduct all your research in a cost-efficient manner.

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About Us

Crowdtech is an international technology company specialising in Research Communities and offers superior online research and information technology that is designed and developed in-house. Crowdtech is a fast-growing organisation and is gaining a strong international foothold with active presence in the United Kingdom, Germany, France and the Netherlands. Our young and ambitious team supports more than 300 clients.

Crowdtech is part of the MWM2 Group and was founded in 2012 to market the technology developed for and by our researchers. Since 2018 the technology of MWM2 has been consolidated into Crowdtech to further focus on the development and marketing of this solution.

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