Flexible research methods

Innovative technology

Reliable and secure data

The best EU alternative for Alida XTM

Similar to Crowdtech, Alida provides a range of options for collecting insights through its TXM platform. Crowdtech sets itself apart with its fully integrated solution for both quantitative and qualitative research, offering a highly competitive price-to-quality ratio and giving priority to personalized support. This is why Crowdtech Insights software is the top choice as an alternative for your Insight Community when compared to Alida.

Personal Support

Our support team is available to you via email, phone, and chat during your business hours. Our in-house experts at Crowdtech provide personalized guidance for all your inquiries. Furthermore, unlike Alida, Crowdtech provides free workshops and training sessions, specifically tailored for beginners. Whether you're new to our platform or simply require some additional guidance, we're here to assist you.

Data in the EU

All data processed through the Crowdtech Insights stored on our own servers within the EU, specifically in Amsterdam. Crowdtech never shares data with regions like the US. This ensures Crowdtech's full compliance with GDPR, even after the invalidation of the EU-US Privacy Shield.

Intuitive User Experience

Crowdtech distinguishes itself with its intuitive user experience and user-friendly accessibility. This places it ahead of Alida, as Crowdtech's straightforward interface and easy setup empower even inexperienced users to conduct research without a steep learning curve.

Pricing and Licensing Costs

Crowdtech excels in providing affordable market research technology. Unlike competitors such as Alida, who frequently charge high prices for similar services, we at Crowdtech have kept our rates competitive. Furthermore, we utilize fixed pricing scales that allow for unlimited research, ensuring our customers don't have to worry about unexpected costs.