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The best EU alternative for Qualtrics

Qualtrics' Survey software is widely used. Qualtrics, just like Crowdtech, has developed a very extensive package that offers a good range of advanced routing and question types. However, there are big differences between Qualtrics and Crowdtech. These mainly focus on data storage, privacy and support.

Data within the EU
All data processed with the Crowdtech Research Platform is stored on our own servers within the EU. Because we do not host on services such as Amazon or Microsoft Azure, Crowdtech never exchanges data with the US. For this reason, Crowdtech is fully AVG / GDPR compliant especially now the EU-US privacy shield has been declared invalid .

This in stark contrast to Qualtrics. They are an American party and host in the US.  It is not without reason that many large banks, medical institutions and governments use Crowdtech's solutions.

AVG/GDPR compliant survey software
Survey Software support

Crowdtech's technology enables our users to set up research themselves without any technical knowledge. As user-friendly as the software is, there will be questions from time to time. Whether it is about setting certain functionalities or more technical aspects, our helpdesk is ready.

Not only by e-mail but also by phone or chat available during the hours when you are at work. The helpdesk professionals are not from an external call center, but simply work at Crowdtech in our office.

A unique all-in-one platform
Qualtrics focuses on quantitative research and has an extensive survey module. What is missing is a good panel management tool and integrated qualitative online research. This is different at Crowdtech, both quantitative and qualitative online research is available with an extensive panel management module.

So you do not need multiple tools, with multiple logins and processor agreements. Everything is available in one environment via one login. Programming a questionnaire, managing a panel or conducting an online discussion has become simple and accessible to everyone.

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