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Market Research Software For Agencies

As a technology partner with a range of research agencies, we see up close how important good research technology is for the growth of those companies. There are many providers of research software and even more agencies that use this software. However, there are only a few agencies that successfully apply the endless capabilities of first-class research technology.


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An example of a successful match between a market research agency and technology provider is MWM2. 

MWM2 from Amsterdam has grown year after year in the highly competitive Dutch market. What is striking about this innovative agency is that more than 80% of its turnover is linked to clients with a subscription to the technology. What makes MWM2 standout in this cluttered market and what role technology played in it?


 Govert quote

"A large part of our success is of course because MWM2 always puts the right person and skills on a project. To optimise our consultants' qualities though, the right research tools must also be available. MWM2 has found a perfect match with Crowdtech. Crowdtech's software is versatile: we can easily set up advanced communities, carry out qual and quant projects using the same software and view results immediatly both for the researcher and clients. The software also allows our clients to conduct ‘DIY’ projects. This gives us the opportunity to establish long-term relationships with clients and ultimately generate stable turnover."

Govert van den Bos, director at MWM2 

Increase sales with repeated longer term revenue

Panels and communities generate high and recurring sales . Often our clients engage with their customers through panels or communities over several years. This creates a bonded relationship between research agencies and clients.

The key benefits to agencies from panels and communities are:

  • Long-term relationship with the client
  • Ability to conduct fast, agile research projects
  • Annual recurring revenue for both licenses and community management
  • Continuous flow of sales through qualitative and quantitative research projects


With relatively low costs for the technology, a signifcantly higher total project turnover can be secured. For example, panels can generate € 600,000 in turnover for the agency, with the technology compinent close to € 30,000. That is an ROI factor of 20!


With the Crowdtech research platform, agencies can commercialise panels and communities to their clients with seemless set up and ongoing implementation.

Lower costs through working more efficiently

Often several departments are involved in conducting research projects especially when individual and tools are not integrated. This results in higher and unnecessary project hours, project management time, manual data linking and longer lead times and all with high associated costs. Crowdtech's end-to-end platform makes these costs and barriers unnecessary.

Working with different research tools is inefficient and leads to errors. Crowdtech offers customers an all-in-one platform combining panel management with quantitative and qualitative research. The data resides in one platform and not a hotchpotch of different tools and techniques.

AVG/GDPR compliant

Many research tools work with cloud hosting in the US. This approach is not GDPR compliant. The Crowdtech platform runs on our own servers in our Amsterdam based data center. The data always remains within the EU data space and is fully GDPR compliant.

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Easy to learn with extensive support

Crowdtech offers full support via telephone, chat and email. Crowdtech offers special in-house training programs for research agencies. Each agency has a dedicated contact person who provides training and further support during the setup phase and long afterwards.

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