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Crowdtech Insights is an advanced market research platform developed by and for researchers. Our products enable you to swiftly, efficiently, and cost-effectively conduct market research.

Obtain valuable insights while ensuring utmost commitment to data privacy and security.

  • Combine quantitative and qualitative market research
  • Maintain complete control over your research projects
  • Efficiently manage multiple audiences and projects within a single environment
  • Increase productivity and reduce research expenses
  • Access a 24/7 support system and online guide

Join the Crowdtech Partner Program

Our active Partner Program is specifically designed to support our partners. By becoming a partner, you not only gain access to the advanced market research platform, Crowdtech Insights, but you can also take advantage of the benefits offered through our Partner Program. These benefits include::

  • Competitive pricing (and, depending on the program, a kick-back fee)
  • Access to the Crowdtech Academy
  • Personalized support (with a dedicated Partner Manager)
  • Direct influence on the roadmap

Crowdtech Insights offers a comprehensive overview of all your market research processes and results, allowing for a better understanding of target audiences and markets. Furthermore, we provide support and expertise to assist your growth and deliver the best possible service to your clients.

Save time and costs

Integrating all research tools into a single platform allows you to save time and costs in your market research. You can easily and efficiently switch between different research objectives and projects while maintaining an overview.

Pick the Right Solution

You have the ability to invite your target audiences for both quantitative and qualitative research purposes. The platform's strength lies in its capacity to select the appropriate solution based on your organization's or client's current research needs. This ensures that you always ask the right questions using the appropriate method for your market inquiry, targeting the right people.

What Truly Engages Your Audience?

With Crowdtech Insights, you gain valuable insights into the needs, expectations, and behaviors of your target audiences. Whether your clients are seeking insights on customer satisfaction, product development, competitive analysis, employee satisfaction, or other areas, Crowdtech Insights provides a customized solution.

Success Cases

We are proud of the achievements accomplished by Crowdtech in partnership with its clients. Some of our current partners include MWM2, Walnut, and Opinionway. We invite you to explore more about these organizations and see how Crowdtech Insights has assisted them in reaching their objectives.


OpinionWay is a distributor of Crowdtech's Community solutions in French territory and French-speaking Africa.


Over 80% of MWM2's revenue is associated with clients who have a license for Crowdtech technology.

Walnut Unlimited

Walnut Unlimited is a digital agency that specializes in integrated marketing, communication, and research insights.

Highlighted Partners:

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Mwm2 Opinion Way Innervoice Logo (1) Walnut Unlimited Logo Hibou Logo Rci Bank Logo (1)

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