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Organisations that listen to their customers perform better. Crowdtech's technology makes it possible to do this effortlessly using a variety of research techniques. With the all-in-one platform other market research software is no longer needed.

The platform is the all-in-one solution that enables organisations to conduct quantitative and qualitative research online. It was developed by and for market researchers and can be used to conduct your own research.

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Research platform as an all-in-one solution

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Innovation goes together with the security of technology and data. The security officer and data protection officer keep the security of the technology up to date and ensure Crowdtech complies with all laws and regulations. The platform is hosted on our own hardware in the Netherlands. Crowdtech is ISO27001 certified and meets all requirements regarding AVG / GDPR 2018.


Crowdtech Dialogue is the perfect forum for deep engagement with consumers, enabling group conversations, co-creation, in depth one-on-one, chats and sharing media.


Crowdtech Community is the perfect environment to manage respondents, oversee all communication, recruitment, tracking activities, ensuring the most suitable respondents.

Crowdtech products


Crowdtech Survey is a user-friendly environment allowing organisations to design and execute visual and interactive surveys, link external inputs, send emails and view live results.


Crowdtech Connect makes it possible to link Crowdtech's online market research platform to third-party systems, e.g. Salesforce, CRM systems or other customer databases.

Why Crowdtech?

The platform can be used for any market research need. For example, in addition to sending online surveys, many brands choose to start a community and ask questions via the Research App. The results are then automatically linked back to the organisation and displayed in a visually appealing dashboard.

All-in-one platform
All modules are interconnected so that all data is available within the entire platform. This makes it very simple to process survey data into a dashboard or to start a survey with the Research App through a community. With Crowdtech Connect all data is then automatically linked back to your own systems.

Higher response rates and engagement
Crowdtech always puts the respondent first when developing its technology. This means that the modules within the platform are all visually appealing, intuitive and, of course, suitable for use on a mobile phone. Crowdtech researches the respondent's needs and uses UX techniques such as eye-tracking to achieve the best possible experience for your customers. All this results in fewer dropouts and a higher response rate.

Developed for and by researchers
The Research Platform was developed through a far-reaching collaboration between Crowdtech's IT specialists and MWM2's market researchers. For this reason Crowdtech has been able to develop the platform in such a way that it is tailored to the needs of market researchers. This makes the platform easy to use, while a variety of advanced features are available. These include extensive routing, variable management and meta-analysis.