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Why leading companies have chosen crowdtech

Why leading companies have chosen crowdtech

Coca Cola, Nestle, ABN AMRO, Tata Steel, they have all chosen Crowdtech as their research technology supplier. Why? We’ll give you seven reasons.

  1. It has it all
    Crowdtech’s All-In-One Research Solution has it all. Crowdtech offers both traditional surveys as well as the potential to integrate quant and qual to launch your own research community: a modern and very effective market research technique.

  2. Easy to use
    There is no requirement for a three day training course when you start with the Crowdtech’s All-in-One Research Solution. Our Research Solution is a hosted service with intuitive user experience and is easy to use.

  3. Excellent support
    Should you come unstuck : we are there for you. Our excellent support department is not only available online but also by phone. Our dedicated and friendly support members will guide you through any problem you may encounter.

  4. Quick and good insights in results
    Crowdtech Dashboard can be used to display the results in an online dashboard. You can circulate results/KPI's to different departments and levels within your organisation and can be accessed through all devices.

  5. Superb information security
    Your data is in safe hands at Crowdtech. Our technical and organizational infrastructure is subjected to strict (ISO) annual audits and privacy aspects are embedded in every step of our software development.

  6. Continuous improvements and innovation
    We continuously listen to and learn from our many clients, so not a month goes without our development team finding a new way to enhance our all-in-one research solution making it better for both the researcher and the respondents.

  7. Proven track record
    Crowdtech has over 15 years of experience in developing innovative technology and services for Market research. From our launch in 2003 focusing on the Dutch market we now have hundreds of organizations using Crowdtech’s research software Through our International focus

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