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Customer Panel

Why every agile organization should have one


Listening to customer needs is essential to business success and Customer Panels are an ideal means to gain customer feedback. Whether it be to test products and innovation, assess communication or branding, by engaging with your own customers you know you are talking to a knowledgeable audience who have lived and breathed your product and service.


True agility is having the right research technique seamlessly at your fingertips ensuring that no matter the challenge or the question, you can quickly and easily gain answers.


A Customer Panel enables you to get fast and direct access to a group of customers who are willing to help you get better. You can consult them during a sprint to see what they are thinking about your new products and services.

Crowdtech technology has an array of techniques such as video testing tools and hotspots all within intuitive surveys. Testing concepts, attitudes and opinions is simple with the versatility of our technology. Continuing, flexible and repeatable surveys opens the door to a wealth of knowledge. Aligning with your customer databases and segments is supported by our panel management software.


This combination of techniques ensures the right methodology is always available so you can conduct more research, build richer and deep profiles over time and use the data to enhance future studies.

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Crowdtech is the market leader in Customer Panels and our team of experts have all the tips and tricks available to make your project a success. We are happy to share our knowledge and experience with you. We manage a range of Panels from 100,000 consumers to specialised B2B Panels across a range of sectors and industries.


Our team of research experts will guide you through the project, from designing the approach, recruiting the panel and executing projects. Crowdtech will ensure your Customer Panels are engaged, and deliver the best insights.


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