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Pop-Up Community

Pop-Up Community

These are unparalleled times. Old business models and paradigms are being thrown away as forecasts show the crisis is unlikely to subside soon. The post coronavirus world will see changes in our lives and our jobs. In the first weeks we were in shock, but now the time has come for us consider the future and to explore new ideas and new ways of working.

Start a think thank

Start a think tank in the form of a pop-up community with a (large) group of involved customers. Be open-minded and ask them to collaborate and co-create with you about topics such as:

  • Are there any demands in the market that our company can address?
  • How can we keep our customers engaged? Even if, for example, we are partially (or completely) closed?
  • Can we devise new products or services for the long term for this new reality and what should they comply with?

Pop-up community as an idea generator

A pop-up community is a good method to generate ideas within a short time span. Our pop-up community is plug and play and can be set up within one day. All you need to do is enter the emails of about 50 to 150 involved customers and ask them to work in tandem with you. Experience shows that most of them will because they value being listened to and their input is crucial to your organisation. Unlike other forms of research, a research community is a more exclusive form of research. Participants feel this and are even more committed.

How does this work in practice?

As soon as the community is in place, you as a marketer or market researcher ask your participants to respond to a statement or question. They do this when it is convenient for them. The participants can also see the reactions of other members and can respond and interact with them. Often a good basic idea grows into a solid and usable plan which your company can immediately action and adopt.

Affordable solution

We realise that in this business environment you are paying close attention to your budget. That is exactly why Crowdtech's community software is the solution. Because our community software is inexpensive, you will have collected a lot of valuable ideas within a couple of weeks, which help you be relevant and responsive. Your account with us can be short term as you pay per week.

Want to know more?

Want to see how a pop-up community looks and functions? Then request a demo here.

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