Flexible research methods

Innovative technology

Reliable and secure data

Insight Community

  • Gain a deep understanding of your customers and enhance customer engagement
  • Obtain valuable insights into the needs, expectations, and behaviors of your target audience
  • Speed up the development of new services and products
  • Ensure the smooth progress of ongoing research projects

Establish a strong brand in partnership with your target audience

Maximize customer engagement through an insight community. Collaborate with your target audience to build a robust brand and prioritize the formation and improvement of loyal customer relationships. Conduct research, explore, discover, validate, and enhance customer experiences. Surpass expectations by truly comprehending the choices and behaviors of your target audience.


Strengthen your brand

Establish an engaged Insight Community and gain a deep understanding of your target audience's needs, expectations, and behaviors. Uncover the insights that will enhance and reinforce your brand.



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Hema Brandweer Kennemerland[1] Uwv[1] Albelli[1] Albertheijn[1] Persgroep[1] Achmea Logo[1] Hudsons Bay Company[1] Coca Cola[1] Freo[1] Aegon[1] Ident[1] Jumbo Supermarkt[1] Maersk[1] Manpower[1] Ret[1] Nestle[1] Media Markt[1] Sanoma[1] Springer[1] Tata Steel[1] Unicef[1] Philips[1] G4s[1] Heineken[1] Wwf[1] Klm[1] Yakult[1] Mcdonalds[1] Abn Amro[1] Website Media Markt
Hema Brandweer Kennemerland[1] Uwv[1] Albelli[1] Albertheijn[1] Persgroep[1] Achmea Logo[1] Hudsons Bay Company[1] Coca Cola[1] Freo[1] Aegon[1] Ident[1] Jumbo Supermarkt[1] Maersk[1] Manpower[1] Ret[1] Nestle[1] Media Markt[1] Sanoma[1] Springer[1] Tata Steel[1] Unicef[1] Philips[1] G4s[1] Heineken[1] Wwf[1] Klm[1] Yakult[1] Mcdonalds[1] Abn Amro[1] Website Media Markt


Discover what truly captivates your target audience

Gain and validate valuable insights 

Through an insight community, you can uncover and comprehend intricate behavioral patterns among specific target audiences, addressing a wide range of research inquiries consistently. By merging the findings from diverse research projects, you develop a thorough and profound comprehension of what genuinely resonates with your target audience. Validate insights and enhance your understanding of customer behavior by sharing data with involved participants and gaining insights into the needs and desires of your target audience.

Comprehensive insights - for you and your target audience 

Invite registered participants or community members to participate in online discussions - or enhance a large-scale research by first examining all potential avenues through an online discussion in your Research Community. This guarantees that your research projects are consistently thorough and inclusive. With the integration of different solutions offered by our software, you can conveniently access all your answers within a single platform. Attain a comprehensive understanding of everything that is important to your customers - for both you and your clients.

Rapidly identify trends and market opportunities 

Uncover trends, new growth opportunities, and improve service offerings and products by prioritizing the customer. Enhance customer relationships by genuinely understanding your target audience and gaining insights from their experiences, and explore how different segments make decisions. Crowdtech's Insight Community enables you to establish qualitative and quantitative frameworks to effectively and consistently address essential and project-specific market inquiries.

  • One community for all research needs
  • Validate, enhance and improve
  • Easy to Use
  • For and by researchers

We help you truly understand your customers 

The relationship between an organization and its customers is most valuable when there is a complete mutual understanding. An insight community assists you in gaining a better understanding of your customers. Our software simplifies and enhances the communication between the organization and the customer, making even the most profound customer needs visible. Obtain high-quality insights from the people who truly make a difference in a short time and keep ongoing research projects on track.

Ask the right questions at the right moment 

With Crowdtech's Insight Community, you can create your own community of engaged respondents to involve in different inquiries. Gain insights and feedback from selected customers or users over an extended period of time and learn more about the needs, interests, and opinions of various target audiences. Ask the appropriate questions to the appropriate individuals flexibly and at the opportune time. 

Build a strong foundation for any brand 

Establish a robust basis for strategic decision-making, validate brand and marketing plans, and expedite the development of new services and products. The members of your insight community share a common objective: to make a positive impact on improving the products and services that matter to them. Enhance and refine customer profiles by maintaining consistent engagement with the target audience over an extended period, gaining a deeper understanding of customers in every aspect.


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The flexible solution for every research need 

Within an insight community, you have the ability to invite your customers for both quantitative and qualitative research purposes. The strength of an insight community lies in its capacity to select the appropriate solution based on the specific research requirements of your organization or client. This ensures that you always ask the right questions to the right people, using the suitable method for your market inquiry. This is what makes Insight Community our versatile response to any research need.

Uncover new themes with the Insight Community

By engaging the community in the ideation and concept development process, you receive immediate feedback from your target audience, enhancing the likelihood of successful product launches. Furthermore, the community can aid in testing new products and determining the optimal pricing strategy. With the fast and efficient methodology of the Pop-up Community, you swiftly gain an understanding of the needs and desires of your target audience, allowing you to meet them with innovative products and services. Discover the potential of the Pop-up Community for your innovation journey and take your ideas to new heights.

Save time and costs with Crowdtech Insights

With our advanced technology, we provide more than just the ability to conduct research within a single community. With Crowdtech Insights, our comprehensive package, you can achieve much more. For instance, you can create multiple communities to conduct research among various target audiences. All of this is done within a unified platform. This not only helps you save time and money but also enables easy comparison between different target groups and results. With Crowdtech Insights, you can efficiently and effectively conduct your research, gaining valuable insights for your organization.

Discover the full range of Crowdtech Insights:

Crowdtech Insights

Take advantage of all Crowdtech products and the seamless integration between these tools for comprehensive and versatile market research.


Create mobile-friendly, smart, and visually appealing online surveys for short-term quantitative market research.

Research Community

Collect qualitative insights through discussions and other interactive research methods.

Pop-Up Community

Discover detailed insights with temporary, tailor-made qualitative research communities.

Research Panel

Manage respondents for an extended period and go beyond one-time quantitative research with the Research Panel.

Insight Community

Crowdtech is the leading provider of technology for starting your own insight community.

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