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Research Panel

  • Market leader in research panels with full-service support
  • Tailored to suit the needs of every organization
  • Reliable feedback and targeted input
  • Interactive question types available in over 20 languages

Success begins with active listening

A meaningful conversation begins with active listening and continues with ongoing attentiveness. With Crowdtech Panel, you can conduct impactful and engaging quantitative market research with customers and consumers who genuinely care about your company, brand, or product. The panel research or consumer research is conducted within a dedicated community, where everyone is actively involved in driving improvement. Your improvement.

Your brand, always listened to

One solution for all your quantitative research needs. Explore different research methods within a single platform and leverage over 20 interactive question types to ask the right questions.



Brands that work with Crowdtech

Hema Brandweer Kennemerland[1] Uwv[1] Albelli[1] Albertheijn[1] Persgroep[1] Achmea Logo[1] Hudsons Bay Company[1] Coca Cola[1] Freo[1] Aegon[1] Ident[1] Jumbo Supermarkt[1] Maersk[1] Manpower[1] Ret[1] Nestle[1] Media Markt[1] Sanoma[1] Springer[1] Tata Steel[1] Unicef[1] Philips[1] G4s[1] Heineken[1] Wwf[1] Klm[1] Yakult[1] Mcdonalds[1] Abn Amro[1] Website Media Markt
Hema Brandweer Kennemerland[1] Uwv[1] Albelli[1] Albertheijn[1] Persgroep[1] Achmea Logo[1] Hudsons Bay Company[1] Coca Cola[1] Freo[1] Aegon[1] Ident[1] Jumbo Supermarkt[1] Maersk[1] Manpower[1] Ret[1] Nestle[1] Media Markt[1] Sanoma[1] Springer[1] Tata Steel[1] Unicef[1] Philips[1] G4s[1] Heineken[1] Wwf[1] Klm[1] Yakult[1] Mcdonalds[1] Abn Amro[1] Website Media Markt


Create evidence-based solutions

Get valuable feedback and targeted input 

Create your own panel with a specific objective in mind: to constantly improve a product or service. Whether it's your own product or you're conducting research on behalf of a client to understand consumer opinions. Who could offer more insightful input and reliable feedback than customers who actively use a product or service? With Crowdtech, you have the ability to establish your own panel of respondents who are either customers or have engaged with the company or organization.

Genuine engagement for accurate insights

The key to successful panel research is having access to a pool of customers you can rely on. Engaging with the right respondents is crucial for obtaining meaningful results. Crowdtech can support you in developing a recruitment strategy that attracts respondents who are genuinely interested in contributing and actively helping organizations enhance their products and services. Explore what motivates respondents, uncover audience preferences, and cultivate long-term relationships with customers, both for your own company and your clients.

Interactive question types available in over 20 languages 

With a research panel, you can consistently collect valuable insights from the individuals who are truly important: your customers. Keep your respondents engaged with interactive question types and maintain control over your market research. Crowdtech provides a wide range of interactive question types, offering more than twenty options to ask the right questions at the right time, and in the appropriate language. Our consumer panel technology supports over twenty languages.

  • Quick, efficient, and collaborative research
  • 20+ interactive question types
  • Harness collective knowledge
  • Employ multiple methods

Smart integrations in one online environment 

The community portal provides access to important panel member data. Through the Crowdtech Panel system, Crowdtech Panel you have full control over your panel management. You can easily customize the portal, as well as the design and structure of your surveys. By leveraging smart features, you can enhance engagement and collect valuable insights to support the growth and improvement of your organization.

Tailored research for every brand

With this all-encompassing solution for quantitative market research, you have access to an advanced panel management system integrated with top-notch survey software. You operate within a research environment that is fully customized to your goals and organization, incorporating branding, tone of voice, and a recruitment process aligned with your preferred communication style. Establish recognition and trust among your panel members, including loyal customers, and retain control over each research project.

Market leader in research panels 

At Crowdtech, we strive every day to enhance and improve customer satisfaction through panel research. Our commitment is to continuously refine our methods, allowing you to build long-lasting and strong customer relationships. Take advantage of our full-service support and benefit from the expertise of a market leader in customer panels. Our dedicated in-house support, in collaboration with our sister company MWM2, is available to assist you throughout the entire process, from design to analysis. To learn more about our solutions, visit our website and find a practical guide that explains how you can easily conduct market research using Crowdtech technology.

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Crowdtech Support & Panel Management

As a leading provider of private panels, Crowdtech plays a crucial role in understanding and unraveling target audiences on a daily basis. We offer a comprehensive market research platform that encompasses everything from building suitable customer panels to effectively managing and engaging panel members: Our platform allows for independent panel management, and we also provide support in maintaining and optimizing panels. This includes ensuring the right panel composition, achieving high response rates, and fostering an engaged community of panel members.

Exploring new possibilities in panel research 

Panel research offers opportunities beyond traditional market research and customer satisfaction surveys. It can be leveraged for product development, testing innovative ideas and concepts, and even enhancing internal processes and employee experiences. With Crowdtech Panel, you have the flexibility to address diverse themes and objectives without the need for multiple tools. By utilizing the platform in this way, Crowdtech goes beyond market research, making a valuable contribution to various aspects of an organization.

Discover the power of Crowdtech Insights

Crowdtech Insights is a specialized platform that allows organizations to collect and analyze valuable insights based on quantitative and/or qualitative data. With this platform, organizations can manage their respondents and stay in touch with their target audience, while gathering feedback and insights to make better decisions.

Here is the complete range of Crowdtech Insights offerings:

Crowdtech Insights

Take advantage of all Crowdtech products and their seamless integration to conduct comprehensive and versatile market research.

Research Community

Collect qualitative insights through discussions and other interactive research methods.


Create mobile-friendly, intelligent, and visually appealing online surveys for short-term quantitative market research.

Pop-Up Community

Discover detailed insights with temporary, tailor-made qualitative research communities.

Insight Community

Combine the best of quantitative and qualitative research with our Insight Community.

Research Panel

Find out why research panels are superior to access panels for obtaining customer insights.